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APGLI annual account, download APGLI policy Bond, policy details, policy status, policy number, and policy bond

APGLI account slips, Download policy bond, policy details, policy status, policy no. Search at for http://www.apgli.ap.gov.in:  APGLI links are most useful to the AP teachers. So many teachers are checking the APGLI Annual account slips and APGLI policy details and policy no. are on this page.

APGLI  Annual account slips :

In this APGLI missing credits. How to download in this Annual Account slips for the APGLI policy. In this Annual Account slips for APGLI deductions are online available. Every month the subscribed amount through salaries online and check their subscriptions after completion of every financial year and gaps found then apply for the missing credits immediately. How to download the APGLI Annual Account slips. Following the five easy steps:

  • First, if we can enter the policy number.
  • Select the financial year on the right side.
  • Enter the number generated in the image for the left side.
  • So finally click the “View Report” for the right side.

APGLI Download Policy Bond:

The APGLI Department has welfare employees of the state government.

Step by step for APGLI Download policy Bond                                                                                                                                           Tips for downloads policy bond

  • Please enter your APGLI policy number in the box.
  • Enter the type A/B/E/O/P in the suffix box.
  • Enter the number generated in the image.
  • Click on” Get Policy Bond” and download the APGLI policy bond.

APGLI policy details:

Step by step for APGLI policy details

  • If we can enter your policy number.
  • Next, enter your correct date of Birth.
  • Please enter the code generated in the image.
  • Finally, click the “View Details” button.


APGLI Policy Status:

  • Enter the correct policy number.
  • Next, enter the applicant’s name.
  • Select the section; issues/loan/claim.
  • Select the financial year.
  • Enter the code generated in the image.
  • Finally, click the “View” button.

APGLI policy search:

  • First, if we can enter the policyholder name(your name).
  • Next, enter the father’s name.
  • Enter your correct date of birth.
  • And enter the code generated in the image.
  • Finally, click the “Retrieve Policy no.” Button.

Click here:  APGLI Annual account slip

Click here: APGLI Download policy Bond

Click here: APGLI policy details:

Click here: APGLI Policy Status:

Click here: APGLI policy no. Search:

APGLI Latest Information

Policyholders are at this moment requested to submit the following information while submitting an application for sanction of loan/settlement of claim cases for making the online payment and sending the SMS. First enter the Employee I.D Number, Mobile Number, showing the Bank Account number, Xerox copy of the first page of saving bank passbook, Bank branch name, and finally IFSC Code.

Duplicate policy bond

First, the employee has to request his/her DDO to deduct with one rupee extra also regular premium in the schedules for salary for only one time. The employee has submitted the declaration form on a paper stating he/she has lost the policy. The employee has provided the above declaration form along with with with the copy the monthly schedule to the respective DIO (District Insurance Office) to obtain the duplicate policy………



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