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Government of Telangana directorate of treasuries and accounts

In the context of Andhra Pradesh recognization ACT for 2014, now treasury portal has consisted of two separate for A.P and TG. TG has announced their Directorate of Accounts website and Treasuries for TG State Cyber Treasury. TG treasury website provides services to the cyber treasury.

  • Reconciliation report.
  • Treasury Bill Details.
  • Treasury challan details.
  • Cyber challenge details.
  • PD account Details.
  • DDO Bill Status.

In the PD Account Details has DDO wise and Information.

Two separate portals are deployed on the web with the following URL for the PAO to pay Billa is Submit online. In this GO.MS.NO.126 and DATE has 24-05-2014. In these portal has common to Both PAO and DTA offices.

URL for the state of Telangana is

DDO Claims

DDO Reconciliation for receipts

DDO Reconciliation for PAYMENTS

DDO Reconciliation for Receipts (STO)

DDOEMP Mapping Abstract

Request for EMP code

Budget Vs. Expenditure

Budget Request for Controlling officers

TG DDO request:

In the TG DDO request is online pay bill preparation website of Telangana state treasury. Using this DDO request website all Government offices, DDO in TG state can prepare employees salaries. DDO is responsible for accessing the DDO request web page. DDO has submitted their employees pay the bill by the entering their DDO password and code.

We know that DDO can manage through the option of employees pay details like Basic Pay, DA, PP, FP, and Deductions are like ZPGPF, GLI, GPF, GIS, Professional Tax, by the entering the all details DDO can submit salary bills to the treasury. In respect of DDOs located in Hyderabad and working for residuary state of Andhra Pradesh DDO has new codes created by the changing only first two digits of the existing DDO code, i.e., there will not be any change in the remaining nine digits of the existing the DDO code.

Using these DDO codes, they can log in to the govt. Of A.p. treasury portal for submission of BILLS…

Download the pay particulars on online directly:

Follow these below steps:

  • visit the Telangana official cyber treasury website (DTA)
  • next, display the
  • In this page has found the Employee operations and click it.
  • In the menu, click on the Employee pay slip link.
  • Now, the next web page employee pay slip will be displayed.
  • In this web page, enter your treasury ID your name will be shown in this box
  • Month and year use with tab button and click on the submit button to get the PDF file.

 Telangana state official web portals list:  CLICK HERE



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