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In this used to the Teacher’s data updating, update online teachers particulars, T’s school teachers details, etc. website has the Telangana state, department of the school education web portal has the  was used to the information related to education on a single platform. It was used to monitor all data to make education and ennobling experiences. In this process has applied to the department of school education an introduced a new provision to update the of the school teachers___

Education is one of the essential skills in our life, requirements for development. Several initiatives to provide quality education has taken from the government of Telangana. So, it is most useful in the youth in the state. The government is improving the education status to enhance the standard of living of the people also achieve from the other goals.

TSS, Hyderabad – Integrated ISMS – Collection of the teacher derails for the UDISE  for ISMS – data entry of teacher web Application in the

  • In the SPD,SS,RC no.3692/UDISE/MIST7/TSS/2019, dt.27-11-2019.
  • In the workshop conducted with district APOS/Technical persons on the12.2.2019, Proc. RC. No.3238, dated:9.2.2019.


  • DEO-Jayashankar:29
  • DEO-Warangal Rural:35
  • DEO-KomaramBheem:49
  • DEO-Mahabubad:56
  • DEO-Peddapalli:50
  •  DEO-JogulambaGadwal:63
  • DEO-Jagital:93
  • DEO-Nagarkurnool:123
  • DEO-Adilabad:127
  • DEO-Kamareddy
  • DEO-Suryaper:186
  • DEO-Vikarabad:191


In the total 1173 teachers are data of all the 12 districts which are updated on the website. The file contains three types of sheets. They are………

  • No teacher’s data to be updated in the website are Summary>>District wise.
  • In the Datasheet,>>Data to be collected for remaining columns against each teacher in the row.
  • Instructions and Data values to entered in DATA sheet from the Instructions>>Filling [instructions are here update the data from website]

Information about teachers viz name, caste, age, date of birth, education qualification, etc. by providing the services ate

  • New teacher’s entry provisions by validation it with the info for the teachers.
  • Various types of the drill-down report Drill down from the state of the students level report in the generated.

         Telangana child info students info:

In the Telangana, child info website address changed to  is the new website is announced by the TS Tamara Shiksha Abhiyan officials. In the Has the new website it is used to the child online application. In the site are applied to the new user name and password with the manual education officers headmasters have to log in the ID and the password to uploads to the schools as well as children’s data in the child info website for the

In the entire child info database are available at for the 5509638 children who have been migrated to the new site and the populated in the 2018 database for UDISE. In the balance are the 3,26662 as per as collected as the 2017 level before submission UDISE database to GOI in the January month in TS, child info, new, address, login, if we can log in in the ISMS TEACHERS WEB APPLICATION.

                                                 ISMS TEACHERS WEB APPLICATION

                                           Click here: login to the child info website    

Login to the ID and Password:


In the school level has the use to ID school code Ex 36010100d106

Password demo

Mandal level

MEO+mandl code meo362501 are used to the Mandal  level

Password demo

District level

District level as applied to the District user name DEO+code deo3605

Password demo


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